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Large-scale Martial Art Acrobatic Drama "THE LEGENDARY SWORDSMAN"

adapted from the original novel written by Mr. Louis Cha

Producer: The Publicity Department of Guangzhou Municipal Committee

of  Chinese Communist Party

Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism

Presenter: Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater

Background of the Show

The Legendary Swordsman is another epic acrobatic drama produced by Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater after Journey to the West which won the Grand Wenhua Prize, the highest award for performing arts in China.  Having Louis Chas well-known martial arts novel of the same name as its blueprint, the show is a kaleidoscope of multiple stage arts, namely martial arts, dancing, drama, Cantonese opera and acrobatics.  Of all these stage performing patterns, acrobatics are the mostly used.  As a result, the show is great with rich Chinese culture and vigorous spirit of swordsmen.

In this show, dozens of brand-new acrobatic movements break through the acrobatic stereotype and thrill the audience like never before. Characterized by the Chinese concepts of Abstractionismin stage design and performance arrangement, the show unfolds a long scroll of swordsmen before the audience, feasting them with utmost Chinese beauty.  With its ingenious plot design, it also showcases the world of martial arts dreamed by many people.  It is a world of affection, of righteousness, of merrymaking and of standing up for justice.

This is the debut of Louis Chas martial arts masterpiece on the stage! It is presented by the top-level production crew and performers!  We present you with high-end stage design, music, costume and lighting design!  Brand-new perspective and arrangement!  A glimpse into the world of martial arts!

Summary of the Show

In the world of martial arts, the feud between Righteous School and Evil Party has been on for years.  Yet neither side is able to overpower their opponent to reign, so they have to live with it.

After an infighting, Invincible Orient arrogates to himself the leadership of Evil Party from Ren Woxing, and attempts to dominate the world of martial arts.  In response, the main body of Righteous School, or the Five Mountains Sword Alliance of Mount Song, Mount Tai, Mount Hen, Mount Hua and Mount Heng strive to annihilate Evil Party under Yue Buquns command.  To Righteous Schools fear and surprise, Mallow Journal renders Invincible Orient power with its mysterious martial techniques.  And rumor has it that whoever has the possession of this manuscript will own the power to have the world of martial arts to his subjection.  Fights and killings for this mysterious manuscript are imminent!

It is in the fights and killings that Linghu Chong, head disciple of Mount Hua and Ren Yingying, daughter of the late Evil Party leader Ren Woxing meet, fight and get acquainted and emotional.  Their love transcends the boundary line between the righteous and evil and finally bears fruit.  And through the thrilling experiences, Linghu Chong wins favor with Feng Qingyang, Blue Phoenix and Six Brothers in Peach Dale and other eccentrics and acquires the consummate swordsmanship and enhances his power in the process.

When the Righteous School and the Evil Party are in a duel to death, Linghu Chong has no choice but to settle the feud between the two sides with his unsurpassable martial techniques.  Viewing the heavy losses of both sides, Linghu Chong realizes the disparity between the righteous and evil as well as the true meaning of swordsmanship. Together with Ren Yingying, Linghu Chong sets fire to Mallow Journal, which is coveted by those greedy for power and lust.

A song of The Legendary Swordsmen continues to echo between heaven and earth from then on.


It is swordsmen that make the world of martial arts, and clashes between swordsmen are inevitable.  Naturally, there are always clashes in this world of martial arts!

This is a world of joyful relaxations and fearful vexations.  This is a world of grandeur and frivolity.  This is a world for young and powerful winners and no old and frail losers.  This is a world of transient indulgence in dissipation but constant lost in orientation.

When Mallow Journal, a mysterious manuscript of martial arts techniques is procured by Invincible Orient who is a member of the Evil Party, the Evil Party is going to war with all the other martial schools. A bloody upheaval is imminent!  In this turmoil, a young swordsman Linghu Chong, with gallantry and morality, wields his sword to safeguard justice.  While in the meantime, some hypocritical moralists are conspiring to capture the mysterious martial arts manuscript so as to dominate the world of martial arts.

With the help of Powerful Dugu Nine Sword Strokes and a supportive lover Ren Yingying, the young swordsman Linghu Chong finally pacifies the turmoil and restores justice.

Thats the world and life of martial artists!

Scene 1

On the top of Cloud Terrace Peak of Mount Hua, disciples of Mount Hua Sword School are practicing Mount Hua Swords Array under the instructions of their leader Yue Buqun.  Seizure of Mallow Journal and extermination of the Evil Party are what they intend.

While Linghu Chong is searching for the whereabouts of members of the Evil Party following Yue Buqun’s orders, Ren Yingying is looking for the whereabouts of her father, the leader of the Evil Party at the same time.  On a dark storming night, Linghu Chong encounters the members of the Evil Party and fights fearlessly despite being far outnumbered.  Ren Yingying is touched by Linghu Chong’s persistence and unyieldingness and a queer feeling is smoldering deep inside her. She withdraws her sword and flees in a hurry, leaving her subordinates and Linghu Chong baffled.

Scene 2

In order to find out the whereabouts of the members of Evil Party and Mallow Journal, Linghu Chong comes to the south of Yangzte River all alone.

One day Linghu Chong drinks at a tasteful tavern by himself, he rescues the bar maid molested by a rogue named Tian Boguang.  Half-drunk, he falls into a dream in which he and a girl in green fall in love under the bamboo shadow, and he drinks to his heart’s content with Blue Phoenix and other eccentrics on the Five Overlords Hill.  He also sees a woman’s veil falling inadvertently, revealing that she is Ren Yingying, the girl in green with whom he fights in that rainy night.  It turns out that everything is carefully arranged by her for Linghu Chong.  Ren Yingying snatches the sword from Linghu Chong, leaving him totally unprepared.  When wake wood makes a noise, Linghu Chong wakes from his dream and realizes all that Ren Yingying has done for him.

Scene 3

On the top of the Black Wood Cliff, Invincible Orient is worshiped by all his followers.  Having the powerful Mallow Journal, he shows distain for all others.  The whole world of martial arts seems to submit to his power.

At Yue Buqun’s home, Yue Buqun’s mask of hypocrite is ripped off when his intention of seizing Mallow Journal to dominate the world of martial arts is brought to daylight.

In the loud sounds made by gongs and drums, Righteous School members are celebrating Yue Buqun’s birthday.  When Ren Yingying comes with her gift, she is not welcomed but kept out of the door. When she refuses to leave and makes a scene, all the members of Righteous School present surround her and thrust their swords at her! At this critical moment, Linghu Chong comes to her rescue and in doing so offends his master.  As a result, he is expelled by Yue Buqun from Mount Hua Sword School.

Scene 4

In the Bamboo Alley, Linghu Chong practices swordsmanship to soothe his uneasiness with Ren Yingying playing Chinese zither by his side.  As time passes by, Linghu Chong’s swordsmanship rises to a new height and his love with Ren Yingying grows more profound.

On the top of Black Wood Cliff, Invincible Orient has grasped the secret of Mallow Journal and is invincible with powerful martial techniques. He bursts out a roar of fearful laughter.  Meanwhile, lust for the seizure of Mallow Journal is driving Yue Buqun crazy!  The swirling sheets of Mallow Journal in the air blind him to all that is going on.

Scene 5

Ren Woxing breaks the prison and seeks revenge on his usurper Invincible Orient.  The rotten Yue Buqun musters the members of Righteous School to capture the much coveted manuscript of martial techniques.  A deadliest fight is on!

When Linghu Chong and Ren Yingying come to the scene, they cannot bear the miserable sight of internecine massacre of brethren.  Hand in hand, they put Invincible Orient to death and destroy Mallow Journal.


Sun rises above the horizon and casts glittering light on the devastated earth.  The pains and sorrows from all the killings are healing. Tranquility and peacefulness are dawning…

In the roll of drums, more and more righteous swordsmen are bearing their swords to safeguard justice!

Creative Team:

Strategy Plan: Xu Bin
Artistic Director: Huang Liehan
Artistic Guidance: Cao Jianping
Publicity and Coordination: Wu Juhong
General Director: Shen Chen
Deputy Director: Xu Juan, Zhao Junfang
Playwright: Sun Lei
Composer: Hu Kun
Stage Art Design: Bian Wentong
Executive Director: Pei Yun, Li Wei, Hu Xin
Costume and Character Modeling Design: Li Yan
Prop and Set Design: Zhang Xiujun, Ren Weidong
Modeling Design: Zhang Jiangjiang
Martial Arts Instruction: Wang Erping
Lighting Design: Liu Xinhua, Jin Hai
Wire System Design: Xie Yongwei, Wu Dechun
Acrobatics Design:Xu Heng, Liu Yundong, Tan Yaobin, Su Qun, Niu Jinhua, Cao Yu, Xiang Chunlong, Li Xuexia, Wu Jieshu, Qi Libin, Li Honglai, Wang Meimei, Xu Hongjiao
Dance Instruction: Liu Guoyi, Mu Yanjuan
Martial Arts Coach: Ran Qianxin (Tai Chi), Sun Zhenbo (Northern Boxing), Li Jianming (Southern Style Kung Fu)
Voice-over: Chen Yi
Theme Song: "Green Bamboo Lane"
Lyrics: Sun Lei
Composer: Hu Kun
Singer: Wang Xinyue
Performance: Asia Philharmonic Orchestra

Repertoire Features

We present the audiences this grand martial arts acrobatic drama in honor of Louis Cha, the most prestigious martial arts novelist in the world as well as the Chinese acrobats.  For the first time, this martial arts masterpiece is presented in acrobatics and Kongfu, which is really refreshing!
This drama is centered around the fights, killings, conspiracies and love caused by Mallow Journal, a mysterious manuscript of powerful martial techniques.  The audiences can empathize with the swordsman and experience the swordsmanship.  They will finally understand that swordsmanship is exactly the spirit of Chinese people and backbone of the Chinese nation.
We sincerely hope that you can all feel the swordsman living inside you and steer away from the earthly troubles from real life at least for a moment.
From the creation of the show to the present, all the main creators and more than 100 acrobats and staff have sincerely cooperated to go all out to overcome the difficulties and pains, and present this gluttonous feast of martial arts acrobatics to the audience in the most abundant state!

There is a career that determines from childhood to devote, with a lifetime of silent adherence;
There is a career, turning around  with a smile when the stage light is on, leaving the pain behind;
There is a cause that has stood on the top of the world stage countless times and become the pride of our country, but it is seldom understood and understood by us……
This drama dedicates to all acrobats who have worked hard for the cause of Chinese acrobatics; pays tribute to Mr. Jin Yong and his classic martial arts works, as well as to all acrobats who walk in the world with youth and blood like chivalrous people!

The large-scale martial arts acrobatic drama "The Legendary Swordsman" is another new masterpiece created by Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater after the "Wenhua Award" acrobatic drama "Journey to the West"!  The production is based on Mr. Jin Yong's famous work Xiaoao Ao Jiang Hu, with acrobatics as the main form of performance.  At the same time, it integrates martial arts, dance, drama performance, Guangdong local folk art and other stage arts, making the whole drama full of strong Chinese cultural characteristics and high spirited martial arts justice spirit!

Dozens of newly developed and created acrobatic performance projects break through the traditional performance mode and bring unprecedented surprise to the audience; the stage space design and overall layout style of Chinese "freehand brushwork" make the whole show like a long martial arts scroll, presenting the audience with the ultimate Chinese aesthetic experience; the compact and exquisite plot design vividly restores a dream of martial arts world.   It is a world of love, justice, wine, song, and sword!  The wonderful multi-stage art performance mode reappears the ups and downs of the rivers and lakes, and holds together the heroic feelings of the world!

Mr. Jin Yong's martial arts works are presented by top creative and performing teams in China with high end level of dance, music, clothing, lighting and other art design, as well as new perspective of creativity and layout concept, which show the charm of martial arts culture and carry forward the spirit of the Chinese nation, inheriting the character of chivalry and practicing the right way in the world!

Repertoire Highlights
The special effects of martial arts in movies and TV series such as leaping onto roofs, vaulting over walls, sliding over the water, etc. are shown through acrobatics such as wire acts, pole climbing, trampolines and contortions, so that the audience can see the real hard work.

The stage setting is exquisite and simple, highlighting the colors and artistic conception of Chinese paintings.  The classic plots and scenes in Louis Cha's novel are wonderfully presented in the show.

Innovative flying skills bring visual shock.  A variety of newly created acrobatic stunts and more than ten different flying methods can be seen in the acrobatic drama, making people truly feel the charm of the 360° three-dimensional stage space.

Creative upside down techniques are amazing.  In the show, Linghu Chong and Tian Boguang perform a fighting in a tavern by hanging the table and themselves upside down to show off their inner power.

All the plots of the whole show are displayed by high-level acrobatics.  Every gesture and motion are the results of ten years of hard work by acrobats!

Performance Technical Conditions:
Stage front size: 14 m wide × 7.5 m high
Stage total depth: 17 m (from stage front edge to backdrop)
Stage net width: 14 m (excluding the width of the side curtain strips on both sides of the stage )
Height: 19 m (stage floor to top truss)
Performance area: about 380 m²
The total area on both sides of the stage: at least 150 m²
The minimum clearance height for prop and set entering the stage from both sides of the stage: 6 m
The rigging rods:
Moving distance: 18 m
Quantity: 40 (including lighting and scene rods)
Load bearing: 800 kg (lighting rod), 200 kg (scene rod)
Supplementary explanation of special programs:
Lifting Points: there are two hanging points for single person in the back area and center area of the stage;
There is a hanging point for two people in the middle of the stage;
There should be a fixed point 10-12m above the stage floor to install two wire systems to fly two people across the stage side by side.
Rotating Disc Wire System:
Weight: 1.5 tons (the system hangs 8 acrobats, the total weight is 2 tons);
Disc System Diameter: 3.2 m;
Disc System Height: 1.8 m;
The disc system is hanged by 6-9 lifting points with an average load of about 300 kg per point; The net clearance height for performing below the wire disc is 13 m;
Slack Wire System:
The props weigh 100 kg and are fixed to the steel beam of the roof;
Other Hanging Programs:
The maximum bearing weight of each pole is 150 kg (Pole Acts Program);
The maximum load of the silk hanging point is 120 kg (Silk Rope Program);
The maximum load of the hoop hanging point is 120 kg (Hoop Skills Program);
Stage floor anchor points: 9, each point bears 1 ton (if there is no floor anchor, iron blocks, water tanks or sandbags can be used instead);
Dry ice: 2 boxes per show, 45 kg/box;
Wireless microphone: 2
Hard disk player: 1 set
Theater provides sound system and sound console;
The theater provides lighting equipment and the insufficient parts will be supplemented by us;
Caption machine (more than 5000 lumens): 1 set;
Caption screen: can be placed above the stage or on both sides of the stage;
Projector: 1 (more than 16000 lumens, placed at the designated position of the auditorium);
All technical work must be ready 3 hours before the show starts;
Stage installation and adjustment time: 36 hours
Time for prop testing, light focusing and rehearsal: 24 hours;
Show duration: about 90 minutes ( if no intermission);
Stage rigging staff: 8 people (during installation) / 6 people (during performance);
Professional lighting: 6 people (during installation) / 4 people (during performance);
Porter: 10 people (during the loading and unloading of props and equipment);
Electrician: 1 person;
Sound technician: 1 person;
Caption and projection technician: 1 person;
Back stage: need places on both sides of the stage or near the stage for fast change of costumes or change of make-up ( with chairs, clothing racks and large mirrors);
Dressing room: 10 ( for approximately 60 people to use, equipped with toilet, racks for 180 sets of costumes, air-conditioning or fans, dressing table with lights and mirrors, chairs);
VIP lounge: 1 (approximately for 4 people to use, equipped with toilet, air-conditioning or fans, sofas and tables);
Meals: provide all members of the troupe 3 meals a day during the visit;
Tea or drinking water needs to be provided in the back stage during the days of stage installation and disassembling, rehearsal and performance;
Laundry and dry cleaning: if on-site performances last for two weeks or more, laundry and dry cleaning services for costumes as required (at least once a week).

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