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Applicants need to have high acrobatic skills and good looking. Those who have won prizes in acrobatics competitions at or above the provincial or State ministerial levels are given priority.

Benefit Package:

1, Full-time employee: if passing the two-month internship and formal employment contract is signed, employee enjoys five kinds of insurances and housing provident fund + salary + performance fee + trade union welfare + holiday benefits + year-end bonus + international exchange performances + 2-day-weekend.

2. Informal employee: the internship period is one month, and the applicant who passes the evaluation after the probation period, the company signs a labor contract with the applicant according to the project cooperation system.

For details, please contact: Miss Tang, Human Resources Department, 020-87047224 (office), 13533090083 (mobile)

Interested parties please send your resume to zjtrsb@126.com

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