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Adapted from the Classic Literary Work “Journey to the West” of Wu Cheng’en


A Large-scale Acrobatic Drama


Produced by Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

Performed by Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater Co., Ltd.

(Formerly known as Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe of China)

Brief Introduction to “Journey to the West”

Monkey King is born from a stone.  He claims to be king in defiance of the Emperor of the Heavenly Palace.  Eventually, the heavenly army subdues him and moves a great mountain known as the Mount of Five Fingers to fall upon him.  Five hundred years later, there comes to his rescue the monk Xuanzang. To insure that Xuanzang can make the journey to the West to get the Buddhist scriptures, Buddha arranges for the Monkey King, known as Sun Wukong, to become his disciple and escort him, along with two other disciples they later come across.

The four start their stormy journey west which is packed with actions and adventures.  Tall mountains, deep rushing rivers, and evil demons lie ahead.  Many stories come up reflecting conflicts between the ugly and the beautiful, and between the good and evil.  For example, White-bone Demon changes herself successively into a beautiful maiden, an old lady and an old man, in order to fool Xuanzang and eat his flesh.  When they travel to the Kingdom of Women, the queen falls in love with Xuanzang and is outraged when she is sternly refused.  When they cross the Fire-covered Mountains, Wukong has to use his wits to borrow a fan for wiping out the fire...   As many years pass, they learn to face challenges by working together.  Finally, Xuanzang and his 3 disciples reach the Western Paradise.  Buddha gives them the sacred sutras to take back to China, and rewards them for their loyalty and hard work—with immortal life and happiness.


The Show Introduction


At the Eastern seashore, a magical stone takes in the essence of heaven and earth, absorbs the radiance of the sun and moon, and eventually that stone cracks and tosses out a monkey.  The monkey travels throughout heaven and earth, but it is never able to escape from the palm of Buddha.

Characters: Stone Monkey

Act 1

Storm in the Heavenly Palace

The monkeys have fun at the Flower and Fruit Mountain.  Monkey King, who does not want to be the stable keeper for the Great Emperor of Jade, fights fiercely with the heavenly army led by Nezha.  He does not either yield after being thrown into the furnace of Laozi.  Eventually, Monkey King issubdued by Buddha.


Monkey King, Monkeys, Nezha

Heavenly Army, Laozi, Laozi’s Disciples


Act 2

Three Attacks against White-bone Demon

On their way to the Western Paradise, Monk Xuanzang and his disciples come across one monster after another, including White-bone Demon.  She wants to eat Xuanzang’s flesh so as to remain immortal, and attempts to catch Xuanzang by transforming herself successively into three members of a family.  Sun Wukong immediately realizes her conspiracies and tries to kill her in whatever form.  Xuanzang is furious at Wukong’s mercilessness and expels him from the pilgrimage.  This gives White-bone Demon an opportunity.  In time of great danger, Wukong comes back to the rescue.  Xuanzang and his disciples continue their journey to the West.


Monk Xuanzang, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy, White-bone Demon, Village Girl, Elder Lady, Elder Man, Demons


Act 3

Kingdom of Women – Spider Cave

When Xuanzang and his group stop over in the Kingdom of Women, thebeautiful queen of the Kingdom of Women falls in love with him. During the eveningbanquet, Xuanzang is buried in the inner struggle before he escapes the queen’stemptation. Soon Xuanzang is in trouble again when the Spider Demon takes himto her Spider Cave.


Monk Xuanzang, Xun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy, Queen, Palace Maids,Dream Reincarnation, Spider Demon, Spiders


Act 4

Fire-covered Mountain

Ox Monster, Iron-fan Princess and Nezha are not ready to forgettheir hatred towards Sun Wukong and they use all their means to set upobstacles to prevent Xuanzang and his group from going to the west. But Wukongsucceeds in breaking all the traps and protecting Xuanzang. Finally they arrivein Western Paradise safely and achieve their set goals.


Xuanzang, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy, Ox Monster, Iron-fan Princess, Fire Demons.



The oumntain roads are long.

The stars are sparse.

Yellow grass is everywhere.

And the "Journey to the West”is arduous.

Who says the night is endless?

I have a bright beacon in my heart.

Who says the misery is endless?

It is not in the eyes of a strong-willed.


Xuanzang, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Monk Sha, Buddhas, Fairies


The Creative Team:

Artistic Director: Cao Jianping

General Director: Chen Weiya

Composer: Xu Peidong

Playwright: Feng Shuangbai

Executive Supervisor: Huang Liehan

Executive Director: Shen Chen

Stage Art Design: Gao Guangjian

Lighting Design: Yi Tianfu

Costume Design: Li Yan

Music Editing and Compiling: Bian Liunian, Sui Xiaofeng

Acrobatic Choreographer: Yuan Nian, Xu Juan, Zhao Junfang

Prop and Set Design: Zhang Xiujun, He Li, Liang Yi, He Qiang

Makeup Design: Li Yan, Zhao He, Zhang Jiangjiang


The Repertoire Background and Characteristics

This large-scale acrobatic show is adapted from one of China’s most famous novels “Journey tothe West” written by Wu Cheng’en (1506-1582) of the Ming Dynasty.  In 2006, with the generous support of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, the Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe of China joined forces with artists from Beijing and Shanghai in developing the acrobatic version of the literary work.  Since it was completed 500 years ago, “Journey to the West” has been well received by the public and been adapted into stage dramas and movies alike.  That said, this is the first time the novel has beenre-worked into an acrobatic drama combining traditional Chinese acrobatics with classic literature.  The show is made up of four acts: “Making a Storm in the Heavenly Palace”, “Three Attacks upon the White-Bone Demon”, “Kingdom of Women and Spider Cave” and “Fire-covered Mountains”, in addition to a prelude and ending.  However, the drama is not a mere demonstration of acrobatic skills, but has such dramatic elements as a theme, roles, story developments, as well as lights, props and costumes.  It is an all-new acrobatic performance which posses much aesthetic value, cultural depth and contemporary significance.  Today, as ever, people are encouraged to overcome personal difficulties on their journey towards development and keep forging ahead towards not only a harmonious Chinese society, but a civilized world as a whole.

Performance Technical Conditions:

Total number of staff and cast: 60-70 people

Minimum stage installation time: 1.5-2 days (using the theater lights)

Minimum stage dis-assembly time: 5 hours

Duration of the show: 90 minutes (if no intermission)

Minimum stage requirements:

Stage depth: 13 meters (from face curtain to back drop)

Height from stage floor surface to lighting grid: 13meters

Stage performance area net height: 7.5 meters

Stage width: 13 meters

Width on both sides of stage for prop and set moving in and out: 5 meters

Equipment and prop cargo shipping: one 40-foot and one 20-foot containers

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