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Artistic Director Huang Liehan's Message on
"The Legendary Swordsman”

After winning The Grand Wenhua Award" -- the highest award of performing art in China, by its repertoire "Journey to the West", Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater has created another big production: the large-scale martial arts acrobatic drama "The Legendary Swordsman".

From project establishment to concept design, from production to stage presentation, the new show is like a growing child, and all creators and cast members try their best to protect it and make it thrive. I hope it can break through the traditional Chinese culture, successfully show the audience a brand new martial arts acrobatics art, inherit the heroic style of martial arts and acrobatics, and promote righteousness!

The creation of the new repertoire demonstrates the spirit and hard work of acrobats, enhances the cohesion of the team, trains a group of excellent acrobats as well as creative and management talents, and makes Guangzhou acrobatics successors.

Wish there are more new breakthroughs and developments in the acrobatics industry, and the road of acrobatics will be wider and wider, and going on further and further away. I sincerely thank you for your interest and care for Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater!

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