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Feelings of Xu Hongjiao as a Senior Acrobat Participating in the Martial Arts Acrobatic Drama "The Legendary Swordsman"

Time flies, the years are like a shuttle, and in a blink of an eye, I am in my 30s, and I have been an acrobat for almost 20 years. Over the years I have participated in the rehearsal of every repertoire in the theatre, including "The Canton Beat", " The Five Elements", "Journey to the West" and so on. Now I have participated in the rehearsal of the new show "The Legendary Swordsman".

At the beginning I was not listed in the rehearsal. I joined the rehearsal of the new drama only half a month later. I just couldn't keep up with the director's rhythm when I first entered the rehearsal. There are a lot of things that the director has requested but I have not practiced and contacted before. It really feels a bit overwhelming. Am I really old in terms of acrobat? Can't meet the director's request? No!  I can!  It is because that I have been relaxing for a long time without standard training and body-building, I need to make-up for the lost part and recovery. I still have my strengths and advantages. With the return of our team of acrobats, our proficient basic skills are affirmed by the directors, and that inspires our motivation. In the last two months of rehearsal, we have been able to actively cooperate with the director's requirements. While practicing our own responsible programs, we have also practiced a lot of new things. It is hard for me to do new difficult acrobatic acts at my age. I try hard  to set an example for the younger acrobats to follow. If I can do it, they can.

As an older acrobat I have experienced the rehearsal of several large-scale acrobatic dramas, such as Journey to the West, and have some stage performance experience. This time, there are many characters in The Legendary Swordsman", and there are many contents. We are constantly learning and practicing. Life is like this for us. Every show and every rehearsal is a chance to practice. Every practice is a challenge. Are we afraid of challenges? No! We are not afraid of challenges! Every challenge is the time to learn more things and make ourselves stronger!

In recent rehearsals, the director taught us a lot of performance methods and skills on the stage, and the theatre leaders also did a lot of work to support our rehearsals. In the coming rehearsals, we will continue to work hard to give a full play to the roles in the show and strive to radiate as much art light as possible in our limited artistic life!

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