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Stories Behind the Large-Scale Martial Arts Acrobatic Drama "The Legendary Swordsman"

The Sweat Behind the Masterpiece

The creation of the large-scale martial arts acrobatic drama "The Legendary Swordsman" was a huge art factory! There were famous directors of the national CCTV Spring Festival Gala, designers who designed gorgeous sets and costumes, lighting designers who designed and operated dazzling and blurred lights, equipment technicians who operated cumbersome stage systems, acrobatic and martial arts teachers who coined out thrilling and beautiful acrobatic and Kung-fu movements, and there were lovely and dedicated performers...

Pages of design for stage art and props as well as beautiful hand-drawn drawings of costumes were all finished in the shortest time, all of which gathered the efforts of the designers; the lighting designers debugged the lights over and over in front of the console according to the needs of the plot, making it sometimes peaceful and beautiful, sometimes unpredictable, trying to reproduce the glint and flash of knives and swords; the instrument technicians repeatedly debugged the equipment, sweating in the background, to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment; the teachers and acrobats worked overtime and rehearsed every day until late at night, racing against time, full of energy, and devoted great enthusiasm to the interpretation of "Swordsman"...  Everyone was responsible for his/her duties, united together, took the theater as home, made tireless modifications according to the director's ideas and creativity, strove to present an unprecedented acrobatics martial arts drama to the audience in the most appropriate and perfect form.

The art work woven by the staff behind the scenes with sweat will be interpreted through the wonderful performances of the acrobats. Every minute on stage is a review of the acrobats training for ten years. Time will prove that the effort will be rewarded. Applause must first be given to the performers who are training hard, but also to all the behind-the-scenes workers who are not afraid of hard work!

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