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Showing the Image of Guangzhou, Fashionable Landmark Lights Up the Night of "Fortune"

On December 6, the 2017 Guangzhou "Fortune" Global Forum, which attracted the attention of all walks of life, kicked off. All politicians, wealth elites, experts, scholars and guests from all countries gathered together to exchange wealth ideas, share wealth wisdom, and discuss wealth plans.

Tonight, the 2017 Guangzhou "Fortune" Global Forum Welcome Reception hosted by the Guangzhou Municipal Government will be held at the iconic Canton Tower, the new central axis of the city of Guangzhou.

At the welcome reception, the guests will enjoy a large-scale song and dance performance assisted by the latest technology. This is an interpretation of traditional culture in the new era and shows the image of Guangzhou's open temperament and innovative vitality. After the dinner, there will be a leisurely cruise on the Pearl River.

Guangzhou City Parlor

The Canton Tower, nicknamed The Little Slender Waist, is the tallest tower in China. With its slim waist shape and dancing LED lights, it has ruled the central axis of new Guangzhou and has become a new landmark in Guangzhou.

This is an open and inclusive city parlor with ancient and modern exchanges, diverse cultures and openness. To the north is the Pearl River, the mother river of Guangzhou. She is a witness to the prosperity of the Maritime Silk Road, connecting Guangzhou and the world; to the south is the largest and most beautiful Haizhu National Wetland Park, the biggest wetland park in central area of megacities in China; to the west is the century-old Zhongshan University (Sun Yat-Sen University); to the east is the Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center where the Canton Fair is held. The Canton Tower is like the heart of the city hub network, in charge of the pulse of the city.

For this reception, the venue is selected on the outdoor Pearl River Photography Platform on the second floor of the Canton Tower. The stage design and the modern CBD excellent scenery with iconic architecture make the new central axis perfectly natural. The Pearl River becomes a light belt, showing Guangzhou’s unique combination of being natural and artificial as well as being historical, contemporary and future. The city of Guangzhou is prosperous, and the urban spirit of the new era is presented to the world through the Canton Tower.

Fashionable Interpretation of Cantonese Culture

Being the welcome banquet of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, how to interpret Guangzhou's image based on local culture has become the focus of the banquet tonight.

A Cappella by Children Kicks Off the Dinner

"A Happy Gathering" is originally an ancient ballad of the Thao nationality, the indigenous people of Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan, and is adapted into a cappella of children chorus by Professor Yang Hongnian of China’s Central Conservatory of Music.

Cantonese Opera Performance "The Best Collection of Cantonese Opera"

Cantonese opera is the most representative local opera in the Guangdong region. It originated in Guangzhou and has a history of more than 400 years. Tonight, the stage background of the new central axis injects fashion elements into Cantonese opera, and the artists will perform to the guests affectionately.

Poetic Ballet "Listen to Flowers Blooming"

Guangzhou, also known as flower city, its winter is still warm and full of vitality.  Gorgeous flowers are on the riverside, indulging in every corner of the city to welcome guests.

Piano and Pipa Playing "Autumn Moon over the Peaceful Lake "

Eastern and Western music meets and blends here. This is a piece of Guangdong music performed by the famous pianist Wu Muye and the famous pipa player Fang Jinlong. The program symbolizes the encounter between Guangzhou and "Fortune", and the fusion of China and the world.

Innovative Acrobatics "The Legend of Time Travel"

Legends may be experiences, maybe in dreams, maybe just a possibility. But what it carries is the belief that human beings yearn for a better life, even if it is difficult and dangerous. It will also be determined to convey Guangzhou’s zeitgeist of pioneering and innovation.

"Libiamo ne’ lieti calici" at the End of the Dinner

Thousands of fine wines welcome distant guests, and the Pearl River sings to make the VIPs drunk. Spectacular performance scene: Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, 2 singers, 300-person chorus, 1180 drones.

The fusion of technology and art implies that Fortune explores global innovation and the future, so that Guangzhou, the “Millennium Business Capital" and "Beautiful Flower City" will always be wonderful in everyone's hearts and always beautiful in the eyes of the world.

Tonight, the Guangzhou Municipal Government chooses to hold a welcome reception at the Canton Tower, adding fashion elements to the Fortune Global Forum and showing more and more three-dimensional Guangzhou images to Chinese and foreign guests.

The holding of "Fortune" has made Guangzhou a window to understand the new era. Everyone is welcome to come to Guangzhou to share the open economy, share wealth events, share business opportunities, and promote economic globalization towards a more open, inclusive, mutually beneficial and win-win situation.

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