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Cloud Live Broadcast of the 10th Anniversary
of Guangzhou Grand Theater

The thrilling and beautiful clips of the newly created

acrobatic drama "The Butterfly Lovers"

On May 9th, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of CPAATHEATRES + 10th Anniversary

of Guangzhou Grand Theater

10:00-20:00, ten hours live broadcast

150 artists worldwide

Through live performances or recording "at home" performance videos

Greetings and Wishes

Perceive the power of recovered time with you and light up life with art!

Of course, the Guangzhou companies of performing arts will not miss this celebration. Then, Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater will participate in live performances together with Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Theater, Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater, Guangdong Puppet Theater, Guangdong Modern Dance Company and Trout Opera Company. Wish the Guangzhou Grand Theater shines and flourishes.

(Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre acrobats Li Mengnan and Long Yunxia are rehearsing on the stage of Guangzhou Grand Theater)

16:45-17:00, the Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre will bring you a live performance of the breathtaking and beautiful piece Ballet on Shoulder, a part of the coming acrobatics drama "The Butterfly Lovers", so stay tuned!

"Butterfly - Ballet on Shoulder"

Accompanied by Chinese classic music work "Liang Zhu", the performers use traditional Chinese acrobatics combined with Western ballet to fully perform one of the four ancient Chinese folk love stories "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai".

The actress dances ballet lightly on the shoulders, palms and head of the actor, and introduces ballet, the elegant western art, into traditional Chinese acrobatics. The acrobatics become elegant and romantic, and the ballet becomes thrilling and exciting. The refreshing visual impact shows the most wonderful aspect of the combination of romantic lyricism and thrilling difficulties. This creation has won the first prize of the Golden Lion Award in the National Acrobatic Competition and the "Golden Clown" award which is the world's highest acrobatic award.

The Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre creates the acrobatic drama "The Butterfly Lovers", which combines thrilling acrobatic art with elegant ballet elements, and at the same time integrates drama, dance, magic, martial arts and other art categories. Through novel ideas and unique expression technique, the performance extends the love story of ages to today.

At present, our theater has signed contracts with main creators of the acrobatic drama "The Butterfly Lovers". The first draft of the script and the outline of the repertoire have been completed. Training and rehearsals for the programs required in the show are also carrying out as planned. Next, in accordance with the requirements of the chief director, we will continue to advance the work of repertoire creation. Looking forward to meeting the audience at the Guangzhou Grand Theatre in May 2021 for the grand opening of The Butterfly Lovers”.

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