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Breaking News! Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater was in the Guangdong Satellite TV's 2020 Spring Festival Gala

On January 13, 2020, Guangdong Satellite TVs 2020 Spring Festival Gala was officially recorded at the gymnasium of Huangpu Sports Center in Guangzhou. The theme of the evening was Guangdong Spring Comes Earlywith distinctive regional characteristics. The Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater was invited to participate in the acrobatic song and dance "Snow Love", the magic acrobatic dance "The Taste of the Cantonese" and the acrobatic dance " Soaring Aspirations".

In the "Snow Love", the acrobatic actresses of our company, accompanied by beautiful singing, waved their wings in the air while up on a high wire, creating a delicate and beautiful picture; in "The Taste of the Cantonese", our performers showed the Cantonese food culture by acrobatics of juggling, comic spinning of plates, big and small trampoline skills and unicycle playing; in the "Soaring Aspirations", our acrobats demonstrated a heroic martial arts world by superb wire act skills.

The audience responded enthusiastically and waved the glow sticks in their hands continuously to applaud the performers for their wonderful performance. Throughout the evening, the performance of the new era reflected the people's happy life and demonstrated the ambition of the Cantonese dream pursuers. At this point, the recording of Guangdong Satellite TV's 2020 Spring Festival Gala ended successfully.

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