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The Review of the Newly Created Acrobatic Drama "The Butterfly Lovers” Was Successfully Completed

In order to better develop the new acrobatics drama "The Butterfly Lovers”, Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theatre invited director Zhao Ming, teacher Shan Zhijin, executive directors Liu Yinghong and Wang Zhenbing to come to our theatre for guidance and program review. On October 12, 2019 director Zhao Ming and his party arrived at the Guangzhou Grand Theater to watch the performance of the large martial arts acrobatics drama "The Legendary Swordsman".

Director Zhao Ming:

National first-level playwright; currently vice-chairman of China Dancers Association, vice-chairman of Beijing Dancers Association, vice-chairman of China International Standard Dance Association; former graduate studentstutor of PLA Academy of Arts, visiting professor of Beijing Dance Academy and Shanghai Drama Academy. He was awarded the Honorary Fellowship Certificate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Hong Kong SAR Government Award); China's "Outstanding Contribute Dancer" and the National Publicity Department's "National Young and Middle-aged Literary and Art Workers of Professional Excellence and Moral Integrity" honorary titles.

His representative works also include: solo dance "Prison Song" won the  performance First Prize in the second national dance competition; men's collective dance "Walk, Run, Jump" won the gold medal for performance and creation of the 1st Lotus Award; dance dramas "Sparkling Red Star" and "Farewell to My Concubine" won the gold medals in the dance drama Lotus Prize Competition and also won the only Best Choreographer Award for two consecutive times; the dance drama "Dream of Red Mansions" occupies the overseas performance market, and has entered the first-class theaters in the United States and Canada for three times. The acrobatic drama "Swan Lake" won the Excellent Works Award, the Five Best Ones Award, and entered the overseas market. It is the best case of Chinese stage drama in overseas market, and was awarded the International Drama Award by the Manchester Evening News in the UK; cooperating with Japanese elites in music, stage art, lighting and costume design, created and directed the large-scale dance drama "Imperial Concubine Yang" which successfully premiered in Tokyo; in collaboration with the National Ballet of China on the rehearsal and performance of the Chinese version of "The Nutcracker" , and the performance was well received.

Ms. Shan Zhijin:

In 1975, she was admitted to the dance team of the Front-line Song and Dance Ensemble of the Nanjing Military Region of the People's Liberation Army. From 1987 to 1989, she was admitted and studied at the Department of Education of Dance Teachers of the PLA Academy of Arts. In 1991, she was transferred to the Fellow Soldiers Arts Troupe of the Beijing Military Region. In 2002, she served as the captain of the dance team of the troupe and concurrently served as a training class instructor, responsible for the rehearsal of actors. During her tenure, she trained a large number of actors with gold awards, such as Liu Shikai, Wan Sheng, Zhang Jin, Li Xing, Li Yanchao, Zhao Song, Hu Jie, etc. For many times her works have won gold medals in the CCTV Dance Competition and the National Army Dance Competition, wining great honors for the troops.

On October 13, the program review officially began in the small theater and rehearsal hall

of the Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater

Program Review of "Contortions"  by Acrobatic Students Team and Acrobats Team

Program Review of “Hoops Diving" by Acrobatic Students Team

Program Review of "Contortions of Man and Woman" by Gan Yujia, Wang Jianguo

Program Review of "Acrobatic Kicking-Play of Men" by Acrobatic Students Team

Program Review  of "Hanging Ring Skills" by Wei Lanqing

Program Review of "Juggling of Balls" by Li You

Program Review "The Strength of Man and Woman" by Luo Lijiao and Nie Chuan

Program Review of "Plates Spinning" by Acrobats Team

Program Review of "Leather Strips Acts of Man and Woman" by Wei Haolong, Wei Jiajia

"Ball Feat" Program Review -- Acrobats Team

Program Review of "Men's Acrobatic Dancing with Fans" by Acrobatic Students Team

Program Review of "Pole Acts of Men and Women" by Chen Longfu, Zhou Hang, Xu Zihan,

Luo Lijiao, Wang Jianguo, Chen Xinyi

"Rolling Rings" Program Review

The Program Review Work Was Successfully Completed

Director Zhao Ming and teacher Shan Zhijin commented on the contents of the programs. At the same time, they fully praised and affirmed the professional abilities of acrobats and acrobatic students, and provided constructive ideas for the development and creation of new dramas, laying a solid foundation for the development on new creation work and talent training. On behalf of Guangzhou Acrobatic Arts Theater, General Manager Wu Zhengdan extended her sincere thanks to Director Zhao Ming and Teacher Shan Zhijin, and encouraged the acrobats and acrobatic students to work hard to improve their performance skills so as to contribute to the development of China's acrobatic arts.

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